Borough Goverment

Jersey Shore Borough Government

The present type of Borough Government is the "weak” mayor-council form of government which governed all incorporated municipalities during the 19th century. In a "weak" mayor-council system, the mayor has no formal authority outside of the council, he/she cannot appoint and/or remove officials, and lacks veto power over council votes. The mayor's influence is solely based on his/her personality in order to accomplish desired goals.

This elected “weak” mayor form of government may be found in small towns in the United States that do not use the more popular council–manager form used in most municipalities that are not considered large or major cities. All of Council's powers are prescribed by Pennsylvania statutes, particularly the Borough Code.  In general, Council is empowered to adopt ordinances and regulations in the interest of health, safety, and general welfare of the residents.

Boroughs have a strong and dominant Council and a weak executive. The governing body of the Borough is this elected Council and the executive is the Mayor. The Mayor is elected at large to a 4-year term; Council members are elected by Ward to 4-year overlapping terms. The powers of Council are broad and extensive covering virtually the whole range of urban municipal functions.

The Borough of Jersey Shore is divided into four Wards. Council consists of eight members, each representing one of four wards, two per ward, for 4-year overlapping terms.  Municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years. Borough Council appoints the Treasurer, Solicitor, Engineer, Code Enforcement Officer, Secretary and Manager, all of whom serve at the pleasure of Council. The members of the various boards and commissions are also appointed by Council. 

The responsibilities of Council may be viewed by the following functional areas:

Municipal Services
Advisory Boards & Commissions
Taxes, Revenues & Budget
Laws & Regulations

Council carries out its responsibilities by organizing into the following Committees that focus on planning, policy making, and oversight in their respective areas:

Personnel/Public Works/Public Safety 

The Borough Manager is the chief administrative officer of the Borough and is responsible to Council, as a whole, for the proper and efficient administration of the Borough's affairs. The manager supervises and is responsible for the activities of all municipal departments except the police department. The manager hires all personnel except those covered by civil service. As part of his duties and responsibilities, the manager prepares and submits the annual budget to Borough Council. The manager is responsible for the administration of the budget after its adoption by Council.

Borough Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Jersey Shore Municipal Building.

The Solicitor provides legal advice and represents the Council in legal actions. This is a paid position which is appointed annually. The Solicitor must be licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and may be one person or a law firm. The Solicitor directs and controls all the legal matters of the Borough. The duties of the Solicitor include preparing or approving bonds, contracts, leases, ordinances, and assurances to which the Borough may be a party. The Solicitor commences and prosecutes all actions brought by the Borough for, or on account of any of the estates, rights, trusts, privileges, claims, or demands, as well as defends the Borough or any Borough officer against all actions or suits brought against the Borough.  When requested, the Solicitor provides the Board an opinion in writing upon any question of law. Denise Dieter, Esquire, Drier & Dieter Law Office, is the solicitor of the Borough of Jersey Shore. Her office is located at 227 Allegheny Street, Jersey Shore, PA 17740. She can be reached at 570-398-2020. 

Jersey Shore Borough Council: 

1st Ward:

Paul Garrett is a member of the Highway, Recreation, and Personnel Committees. He can be reached at 570-484-1001. His term expires in 2017. 

Denise Robbins has been recently appointed to Borough Council. She is a member of the Finance Committee. She can be reached at 570-398-7349. 

2nd Ward: 

Janet Barnhart is a member of the Chair of the Personnel Committee. She is also a member of the Tree Commission and the Highway Committee. She can be reached at 570-398-4532. Her term expires in 2019.

Barbara Schmouder is the Chair of the Tree Commission and a member of the Codes Committee and the Finance Committee. She is also the Jersey Shore Library Liaison. She can be reached at 570-398-0125. Her term expires in 2017. 

3rd Ward:

Ken Scheesley is the Borough Council Vice President. He is a the Chair of the Highway Committee and a member of the Personnel Committee. Ken is also the Jersey Shore YMCA Liaison. His term expires in 2017. He can be reached at (570) 279-2391. 

Sean Simcox is the Vice Chair of the Police Commission and is also the Jersey Shore Hospital Liaison. He can be reached at 570-398-3443. His term expires in 2019. 

4th Ward: 

Marguerite Dyroff is Borough Council President. She is the Chair of the Finance Committee and the Police Commission. She can be reached at 570-398-2230. Her term expires in 2019. 

Michael Zellers is the Chair of the Codes Comittee and a member of the Finance Committee and is the Jersey Shore Area Joint Water Authority Liaison. He can be reached at 570-398-1443 or 570-398-4890. His term expires in 2017.


Dennis Thompson has recently been appointed as Mayor. He is a member of the Recreation Committee. He can be reached at 570-220-3199. 

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is responsible for collecting County and Borough Real Estate taxes; and dispersing funds collected correctly to the appropriate entities.

Jersey Shore Borough Tax Collector
Lycoming County
Tax Collection Office
48 West Third Street
Williamsport, PA  17701