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Jersey Shore!

Jersey Shore, located along the West shore of the Susquehanna River, was once called Waynesburg. It is said that it was named after Anthony Wayne, a famous Revolutionary War General who served at Valley Forge in 1777 under General George Washington. In the late 1770s, the town’s first doctor, James Davidson, settled in Waynesburg and also served under General Washington.

The Scotch-Irish families that began settling on the Eastern branch of the Susquehanna River referred to Waynesburg as the Jersey Shore as most of the settlers in Waynesburg were from New Jersey who moved to the area to own farmland after the Revolutionary War. For over 30 years, the two names were used to describe the settlement. However, as more and more people came to settle here, the name Jersey Shore won! In 1812, surveyors made a complete map of town streets; in 1826, Jersey Shore was formally incorporated as a town. Many of the historic homes are still standing today.

Jersey Shore, located in Southern Lycoming County, close to the Clinton County border, is approximately 15 minutes from Williamsport and Lock Haven. With Route 220 to its North, Jersey Shore provides easy access to not only Lock Haven University and the Pennsylvania College of Technology, but also many recreation opportunities along the Susquehanna River, Pine Creek, and Larry’s Creek, as well as downhill and cross-country skiing, trout fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, snowmobiling, hunting, outlet shopping, and much, much more.

With its small-town atmosphere and picturesque location, Jersey Shore is a unique, pleasant place to both call home and visit.

Lightning's Most Deadly Activities
If you are outside when a thunderstorm is in the area, you are at
risk of being struck and potentially killed or seriously injured by
lightning. However, there are some activities that can lead to more
lightning deaths and injuries than others.
Over the last 15 years, leisure activities have led to almost two
thirds of the lightning fatalities in the United States. Water
related activities, and particularly fishing, contributed most to
the fatalities. Since 2006, 40 people who had been fishing died as
a result of lightning. Boating and beach activities also contributed
significantly to the death toll. In most cases, victims simply
waited far too long before starting to seek shelter
When it comes to water-related activities, there are several
important things to remember:
Always have a plan so that you can get to a safe place before the
storm arrives.
Head to that safe place immediately if you see any signs of a
developing or approaching thunderstorm. Do not hesitate.
For additional information about lightning or lightning safety,
visit NOAA's Lightning Safety Awareness website at:
Wm. Dennis Buttorff
Emergency Manager
West Branch Emergency Management Association, Inc.



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Key to the Borough Award

According to Brown University’s Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & Ancient World, a “Key to the Borough” award is a medieval tradition intended to confer trust and honor upon an outstanding citizen or friend of the community.

At that time, those with “keys” could enter the city through the gates at any time.

  The “Key to the Borough” award is presented by the Mayor to distinguished residents and individuals to honor their substantial contributions to the Borough and its residents.

  Congratulations to the Family of C. Burt and Janet Francis, in honor of their parent's commitment and “watch dog” mentality, overseeing the future of the Borough.

On behalf of the Mayor and Borough Council, we would like to say Thank You to the family for everything their parents have done for our Community all these years, you are very deserving of this award.

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